Jesus Invites us - "Come Follow Me" - "Come and See" "Look the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" (John 1:29, NIV).
Corliss Street Baptist Church
Monday, September 24, 2018
Hearts Ablaze for Jesus!

Directions To The Corliss Street Baptist Church:

The Church Annex address is 17 Weeks Street.  The Corliss Street Baptist Church address is 396 Middle Street, Bath, Maine.  The church parsonage is 402 Middle Street.  Our mailing address is Corliss Street Baptist Baptist Church, 402 Middle Street, Bath, Maine 04530.
Follow north on Route 1: go through Brunswick, Maine, come into Bath and turn off Route 1 onto the High Street Exit.  Turn right onto High Street. You will see Russell Street, Palmer Street, Pine Street, Corliss Street, and Weeks Street.  Follow our sign and Turn left onto Weeks Street.  You will come to Middle Street, church is on the left and the Church Annex  will be on the right. 
Follow south on Route 1 to the Sagadahoc Bridge.  On the bridge take the Bath Exit - go straight ahead.  Turn left onto Washington Street.  You will pass by the Bath Iron Works on your left.  You will see Pine Street, Corliss Street and Weeks Street.  Follow our sign and turn right onto Weeks Street.  You will come to Middle Street.  The Church Annex will be on your right and the Church building is across the street.   
Corliss Street Baptist Church
On the corner of Weeks Street and Middle Street